Your Neighborhood Guide to Tonight’s NYC Openings

In Manhattan… 
20th Street
: Drawing the Blinds” opens at Jack Shainman Gallery
: I am in heaven” opens at Anton Kern Gallery
“Uche Okeke: Works on Paper, 1958-1993” opens at Skoto Gallery
22nd Street
’s Art Fair: Free Download” opens at Klein Sun Gallery
Pink Floyd
Jennifer Nocon
Tracy Williams, Ltd.
23rd Street
: You See Ocean I See Sky” opens at Tracy Williams Ltd.
24th Street
: Asphalt and Chalk” opens at Jack Shainman Gallery
: I Love America and America Loves Me” opens at Mike Weiss Gallery
10th Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets
25th Street
“Crossing Lines,” with works by , Adel Gorgy and Yun-Woo Choi, opens at Able Fine Art
“Heidi Howard: Portrait & Dream” opens at Nancy Margolis Gallery
26th Street
“January,” with works by , , , , and , among others, opens at Mixed Greens
opens at Robert Miller Gallery
“I lost an arm on my last trip home,” with works by , , , and Sara Rahbar, and “: A Thousand Miles an Hour” open at RYAN LEE
28th Street
“Wormhole: Lina López and François Bucher” opens at Cristin Tierney
Topography” opens at Gallery nine5
: The Idea of Up” opens at frosch&portmann
“Signs / Words” opens at Sperone Westwater
“Mamie Holst & Paul Pagk: On Paper” opens at 33 Orchard
/” opens at Rare
“Crunchy” opens at Marianne Boesky Gallery
: Oil Studies” opens at Alexandre Gallery
In Brooklyn… 
“Calvin Marcus: Green Calvin” opens at C L E A R I N G
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