Quiet Saturdays

DAOR Contemporary
Mar 12, 2022 11:35AM

We had friends of an artist in this morning, borrowed their dad's car to pick up the artist's large works! It was a feat of engineering, math, ingenuity, and luck getting both works into the car boot.

The gallery is exceptionally quiet this morning, and the port is all but abandoned today. The seagulls and stray cats have the roam of the roads, and I get to play some epic classical music as loud as I want, because there's nobody to disturb. Some days, because we're out of the way, and Capetonians move according to the weather, we can be alone in the gallery all day! But it allows us time to work. I have a client coming in for the last half hour of opening, I can't wait to hear what he thinks of the show.

Artwork by Marcel Herholdt on the Quiddity exhibition last year, fetched this morning...

The thing is, when the port is this quiet, you don't only hear it all, you feel it. The emptiness is delightfully eerie, and if the clock strikes twelve midday, and you forgot it was coming, the firing of the noon gun rattles through the whole building and into your bones.

I would suggest that you come through to visit on a Saturday, come see the exhibition, and come have some (good) coffee with us! Distract us from the lonely sound of the trains announcing their arrival, and the stillness of a Saturday in the International Port of Cape Town.

details from works on the Meraki group exhibition.

DAOR Contemporary