My Highlights from Art Toronto 2014

David Balzer
Oct 14, 2014 5:38PM

There is no specific scheme to my selections. To quote Vincent Price, "I like what I know." I suppose works that catch my eye tend to look backwards and forwards at once, and possess a healthy mix of confidence and doubt, comedy and mystery.

My Selections:

Buffy Sainte-MarieWesakechak the Trickster, 1984-2013, at Gurevich Fine Art 

Jutai Toonoo at Feheley Fine Arts

Pete Smith, bcc-0478a, 2013, at p|m Gallery 

Joy Walker, Curved Lines (after Hokusai), 2014, at MKG127

Gordon Parks, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thornton, Mobile, Alabama, 1956, at Nicholas Metivier Gallery  

Scott Waters, It’s not that you’re going down, it’s what you’re taking with you, 2014, at LE Gallery

Otto Rogers, Flight of Birds/Colour Shift, 2013, at Mira Godard Gallery

Elizabeth McIntosh, Girl, 2014, at Diaz Contemporary

Mark Clintberg, Passion Over Reason / La passion avant la raison, 2014, at Fogo Island Arts

Lutz Dille, Toronto, 1959, at Stephen Bulger Gallery

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David Balzer