My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design 2014

David Scott
Nov 4, 2014 6:14PM

My Selection:

Franco AlbiniLong credenza with three doors, ca. 1955, at Gallery Anne Autegarden

Long credenza with three doors, ca. 1955
Gallery Anne Autegarden

The integrated handles and rosewood veneers are stunning.

Willi BaumeisterKonstruktivistisch (6), 1920, at Galerie Berès

Love the texture of this small painting.

Ingrid DonatTable Basse Anneaux (6 Plaques), 2013, at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Table Basse Anneaux (6 Plaques), 2013
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

This table is brilliant, delicate and strong at the same time.

AMMA StudioD-1 Table, 2014, at DeLorenzo Gallery

D-1 Table, 2014
DeLorenzo Gallery

These young NYC-based artists create sublime cast tables & stools with concrete and everyday materials.

Simon CrestaniThe bottom of the boat, 2014, at Bernd Goeckler Antiques

Gorgeous, organic and transparent.

Joseph WalshLumenoria II Dining Table, 2014, at Todd Merrill Studio

Stunning work by one of my favorite young artists.

Michael EdenLarge Oval Dark Grey Bloom & Tall Orange Bloom, 2014, at Adrian Sassoon

Modern technology and material meet in these classic forms.

Timothy SchreiberBronze E-Volved Table, 2014, at Wexler Gallery

Bronze E-Volved Table, 2014
Wexler Gallery

Simply gorgeous.

Cabinet in palissander and shagreen, ca. 1930
Vallois SAS

A classic, pure & extraordinary work by a designer master

Xavier LustGold Graph, 2014, at Galerie du Passage

Gold Graph, 2014
Galerie du Passage

Loving the windswept shape of this table.

David Scott