NIA shows strong in 2014

Artsy Editors
Dec 31, 2014 6:59PM

Northside Independent Artists (or NIA) had two successful art shows in 2014, and we are poised to schedule a third show for mid-2015.  We are a diverse collective of artists who reside on Chicago's North side.  Our mediums range from oil paint to collage.

I am Dean Johnson, a co-founder of NIA.  I serve on the Board of Directors for ChiPRC (, which was our venue for the second show.  I regularly teach art workshops there (  As Arts Coordinator, I also help visiting artists design, schedule and promote their events.  It was no stretch, then, for us to create our own event, which we called Art of the Solstice.

Exhibitors at NIA shows include Rachal Duggan (, Natalie Walser (, Christina Bosco (, Terrie Byrne, Jerry Sacher (, and myself (

The only thing that unites us being our choice to reside in Chicago, we are a reflection of the melting pot that is the North side.  More than that, we are ambassadors for the creative spirit that is alive and well in Chicago.

Artsy Editors