Making Gifts and Charitables Sales of Art

Dedalus Foundation
Dec 11, 2012 6:58PM

Our Executive Director, Morgan Spangle, was a speaker at the Seminar for Artist-Endowed Foundation Leaders at the New School for Public Engagement this past November.  There, he spoke about Dedalus's museum gift/purchase program that set a precedent for other foundations.  

The Dedalus Foundation was the first artists-endowed Foundation to initiate a gift/purchase program: museums could purchase works of art at steep discounts, with payments made over time and interest free. The discounts were the gift portion, from the Foundation to the museum. The gift/purchase program achieved two of the Foundation's goals: the Museums benefitted by gaining access to an important body of work at low prices, with time to get their community involved and the ability to make delayed payments; and the Foundation benefitted by having money from these transactions come in that would be used to fund the Foundation's charitable programs.

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