Motherwell at 100

Dedalus Foundation
Feb 2, 2015 4:10PM

Robert Burns Motherwell III was born on January 24, 1915. In celebration of his centenary, the Dedalus Foundation is pleased to share this collection of works and documents from our archives, created especially for his birthday.

All of the works in this tribute were done by Motherwell on his birthday in different years. The artworks are Birthday, January 24, 1973; Altamira No. 3, January 24, 1976; and Untitled, January 24, 1988. View these works in the special online exhibition Motherwell at 100.

The letters, which were sent to Motherwell on his birthday, are from George Wittenborn in 1948 and John Cuddihy in 1955. The collage is from Helen Frankenthaler, done for his 50th birthday in 1965.

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