A Collaborative Initiative: Delhi Art Week Energises and Unites the Capital’s Art Scene

Delhi Art Week
Aug 22, 2022 8:34PM

The Delhi Art Week (DAW) unveils a transformational makeover of the city by linking its art galleries, government and cultural institutions and arts foundations under a common umbrella. This overarching venture brings back, for a second year many who participated in its inaugural edition, including the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Delhi. Shri Adwaita Gadanayak, the Director-General at NGMA, ‘I fully understand the need to harness the power of art and use it to empower and transform lives. Synergy between public art institutions and private galleries as well as cultural organisations should be tapped to ensure that the transformative nature of art reaches out to a global audience as well as local populace.’ The Partition Museum, a private initiate will showcase an exhibition related to the cataclysmic fallout of forced migration, still etched in living memory across the subcontinent. This show will be on view at the premises of the NGMA, and is being held in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

Unlike a fair, wherein participants gather at a single location, Delhi Art Week, is spread across four, location-based ‘art zones’. This organization and systemization of a spread out city like New Delhi provides art patrons, both domestic and foreign, an opportunity to easily digest its vibrant and diverse art scene.

Momentum has been gathering towards the start of the event on August 24 (August 23 on Artsy). Delhi Art Week kicks-off with the opening of an exhibition of the well-known Indian artist Anupam Sud, at India’s largest private museum, the Kiran Nader Museum of Art (KNMA). Director and Chief Curator of KNMA, Roobina Karode notes, ‘We are delighted that a comprehensive exhibition of Anupam Sud’s extraordinary practice will mark the opening of Delhi Art Week’s second edition. DAW which brings together the art community on an inclusive platform to spread awareness of art and artistic practices, not only locally through exhibitions, but globally, through their collaborations with online partners.’

In addition to art galleries, and public and private museums, foreign cultural establishments and trade organizations are also participating. Summing up this spirit, the Director of the Alliance Francaise Centre in the capital, Stephane Amalir comments ‘DAW is a great platform to encourage emerging artists and galleries and to bring in interesting new talents and works. It also helps significantly the artists and galleries to reach a larger audience.’

The viewer populace of the city have been extended special facilities for participation at their nearest art platform. Says Dr. Gayatri Mathur, Programme Officer of the Lalit Kala Akademi, India’s National Academy of Art, ‘Events like these are inspirational for us as we at the Lalit Kala Akademi strive to bring accessibility to art through every possible means.’

An added feature to this year’s edition, other than DAW’s partnership with Artsy, is a programme to initiate schools to participate in the event by sending their children for conducted tours, painting competitions and a host of interactive attractions.

It is clear that the DAW’s dragnet will leave no corner of the city unaffected!

Details related to Delhi Art Week’s curated walks, live shows and exhibitions can be found at www.delhiartweek.com and on instagram (@delhiartweek).

Delhi Art Week