My Highlights from Art Toronto

Denise Markonish
Oct 21, 2013 12:16AM

After spending the last six years immersed in the Canadian art world, it will come as no surprise that the ten works I chose from vast list provided to me all ended up being Canadian! I didn’t set out to only chose Canadians, but it turns out that even the unknown to me artists are from Canada, which just leads me to believe that no matter how much research is done there is always more to discover. My choices cover some old friends (Marcel Dzama and Janet Warner), some I have followed but not yet worked with (Kym Greely, Will Gill, Eve K. Tremblay and Raphaelle de Groot) and new faces I look forward to seeing more from (Siassie Jenneally, Shari Hatt, and Tristram Lansdowne).

Marcel Dzama, Dracula Boy Scouts, 2005 at Caviar20

Kym Greeley at Christina Parker Gallery

Will GillSpirit Rabbits, 2013, at Christina Parker Gallery 

Siassie Kenneally, A Woman Pulling Her Hair, 2013 at Feheley Fine Arts

Pascal Caputo, Untitled, at Galerie Dominique Bouffard

Shari Hatt, Liberace’s Closet, 2002, at Galerie Donald Browne

Ève K. Tremblay, Études pour Dancing Books (Triumph Over The Fear of Collapse - Spine #6), 2011, at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau

Tristram Lansdowne, The Destroyer (Homage to Bruno Taut, 2012, at LE Gallery

Janet Werner, Del, 2013, at PARISIAN LAUNDRY

Raphaëlle De Groot, 1273 petites choses qui ne servent plus, 2010 at Galerie Graff

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Denise Markonish