My Highlights from ArtInternational 2014

Deniz Atac
Sep 17, 2014 3:27pm
My selection aims to provide a deeper understanding of the issues that inform local contemporary art in a broad sense. The works make us consider the types of struggles, and alternately, the merits of being an artist from a region that has historically been identified as a gateway between East and West.
My Selection: 
Necla Rüzgar, Poetical Veracity, 2014, at Galeri Nev
Burak Delier, Crisis and Control, 2013, at PILOT
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, A conversation with an Unemployed, 2014, at Galeri NON 
Shirin Neshat, Zarni-series, 2005, at Repetto Gallery
Nilbar Güres, SANSÜR TrabZONE serisinden / CENSORSHIP from the series TrabZONE, 2010, at Rampa