Art and Book: Wolfram Ullrich at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst

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Dec 21, 2019 2:58PM

Wolfram Ullrich amazes the public with the perfection of his reliefs at the exhibition “Art and Book: Wolfram Ullrich” at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt until the 19 April 2020. Along with the exhibition, the museum publishes a bilingual catalogue edited by Kerber Verlag, which for the first time will deal with the artist's work.

Art and Book: Wolfram Ullrich”, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, edited by Kerber Verlag

The work of Wolfram Ullrich (Würzburg, 1961) is one of the most appreciated by the visitors of Museum für Konkete Kunst and this is not surprising, as a wall with an Ullrich’s piece unleashes a visual dynamism that changes the observers’ experience of the spatial dimensions.

His polyhedrons create the illusion that they are weightless through space, oscillating between painting and sculpture: that is why is difficult (neither necessary) to assign Ullrich to a particular genre.

Exhibition entrance, Museum für Konkete Kunst

“Every painted picture is also an object” says the artist, implying that for him a painted image is a sculptural structure consisting of various materials: Ullrich uses powerful monochrome colours to highlight their spatial presence, their status as objects.

The presence of Wolfram Ullrich in the collection of the Museum für Konkrete Kunst, directed by Simone Schimpf, is, therefore, more than motivated: Concrete Art is a movement based on sensual experience, a non-representational art in painting, sculpture, film or installations that does not want to depict the visible world and this is why the colours, shapes, lines and materials are of particular importance.

Exhibition view, Museum für Konkete Kunst

The publication curated by Kerber Verlag presents the Ullrich’s poetics, covering for the first time all of the stages of his work.

Thanks to his sophisticated technique, he is able to develop a great corporeality to his oeuvres: this is why the dynamically arranged set-up, with mainly large-scale works, changes the overall perception of the space at the Ingolstadt Museum.

What is difficult to capture in words and with photography can be experienced physically and personally in the exhibition that will be open until the 19 April 2020.

Exhibition view, Museum für Konkete Kunst

Exhibition view, Museum für Konkete Kunst

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