IN THE MATTER OF COLOR: Addamiano, Biasi, Pinelli, Simeti at Palazzo del Monferrato

Dep Art Gallery
Nov 23, 2019 3:38PM

Four Masters, four artist who in their differences have found a common deep interest in the various possibilities of colour.

The artworks of Natale Addamiano, Alberto Biasi, Pino Pinelli and Turi Simeti are now on view at Palazzo Monferrato, in Alessandria, in the exhibition In the matter of color, a collateral event of the third Biennale d’Arte di Alessandria OMNIA, curated by Matteo Galbiati.

Palazzo Monferrato, Installation view. Natale Addamiano, Mappa di stelle, 2018 + Alberto Biasi, Dinamica triangolare, 1970

Red. White. Yellow. Blue. These are the colours that characterise the poetics of the four artists, who have been protagonists of the Italian and international contemporary art landscape.

The exhibition In the matter of color had a preview in Taipei (2018) and HongKong (2019) at Whitestone Gallery; but the Piedmontese production has been rethought and enhanced, with more artworks exhibited with an original project by Dep Art Gallery.

Colour is the way to express an artistic ideal in the Italian art from the 1960s to today, of which these artists are a point of reference: the brush-strokes are moving on the canvas and through the personal stories of this Masters we can cross the artistic and cultural events of the second half of the twentieth century, projecting their reflection and aesthetics in our time.

Natale Addamiano (Bari, 1943. Lives and works in Milan), with his starry skies, narrates his true love for painting in its most traditional form, that goes beyond the classic landscape: the infinity of the night sky becomes a chance to vivify the colours in its countless meanings.

Palazzo Monferrato, Installation view. Natale Addamiano, Costellazione, 2016 + Mappa di stelle, 2019 + Con le stelle, 2019

One of the founders of the historical Gruppo Enne and part of the Arte Programmata movement, Alberto Biasi (Padua, 1937, where he lives and works) looks for a close relationship with the spectators, who is the driving force that activate the artworks in a dynamic and always new appearance.

Palazzo Monferrato, Installation view. Alberto Biasi, Trama, 1989 + Allineamenti ottico-dinamici, 1960 + Un gelido ghigno, 2002

The painter Pino Pinelli (Catania, 1938. Lives and works in Milan) is one of the most distinguished members of what is called Pittura Analitica: he has started a deep investigation about colour as an instrument of making a painting; the chromatic material has evolved into a concrete action, disseminating the colour in the environment, giving to it a shape, a roughness and a tactility.

Palazzo Monferrato Installation view. Pino Pinelli, Pittura G. R. BL., 2012 + Pittura G., 2005 + Pittura BL., 2004 + Pittura G., 2005 + Pittura GR., 2010

Last but not least, Turi Simeti (Alcamo, 1929. Lives and works in Milan) has debuted in 1965 in the Zero Avantgarde collective̶in the Lucio Fontana's Milanese studio̶and he has in the oval shape his signature; in fact, it is inextricably linked to the author, who is able to renew it, in a repeated but different practice, is a poetics painting by painting.

Palazzo Monferrato Installation view. Turi Simeti, 2 ovali bianchi, 2019 + 7 ovali ocra, 2019 + Un rettangolo nero, 1973

With its seven rooms full of beauty, this exhibition is a unique chance to enjoy and observe closely four languages that have deeply influenced the contemporary Italian artistic narration.

The new curatorial project thought specifically for Alessandria includes the fourteen-elements work Pittura B. R. (2003) by Pinelli that has been shown in the Far East, but some new artworks as well, like the historic pieces by Simeti (Un rettangolo nero, 1973) and by Biasi (Allineamenti ottico-dinamici, 1960; Dinamica triangolare, 1970; Dinamica, 1989; Trame, 1989) or the two large format artworks Con le stele (2010) by Addamiano and Turi Simeti’s 12 ovali bianchi (2016).

These Maestri have cut through an autonomous pathway in the history of art, having in common a thirst for the innovation that always looks to the future, all around the subject of colour.

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