formlessfinder's TENT PILE for Design Miami/ 2013

Design Miami/
Oct 8, 2013 3:24PM

Since 2008, Design Miami/ has commissioned emerging architecture practices to design unique architectural experiences at the fair. For Design Miami/ 2013formlessfinder will fabricate a pavilion using a material near and dear to the residents and visitors of Miami: sand.

NYC-based formlessfinder is composed of Garrett Ricciardi and Julian Rose. An experimental laboratory and theory studio, their practice is described as “formless,” where materials, construction, and user and landscape interactions take precedent over the formal shape of a building or structure. Though they produce manifestos and missives (and have a forthcoming book), the studio employs heady concepts in very real ways.

“Form is often the default lens for thinking about architecture. Even when people think they’re talking about something else, like function or structure, there’s often some kind of formal idea underlying the discussion. We’re trying to shift away from form so that we can explore other qualities of architecture, such as new ways of experiencing space or innovative ways of using materials,” explains Rose.

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Design Miami/