2013 Designers of the Future

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Jun 5, 2013 1:39PM

For the fourth year running, Design Miami/ and W Hotels have collaborated on the Designers of the Future Award, a program that acknowledges up-and-coming studios or designers who have opened new horizons in their field with innovative work. This year, three young designers from various backgrounds and disciplines were sent to W Hotels around the world so that they could apply their envelope-pushing skills to a specific design issue.

The three designers chosen for 2013′s Designers of the Future Award will be showing their groundbreaking ideas and executions in just under a week at Design Miami/ Basel 2013. Every designer was sent to a W Hotel that is under construction or renovation, and which contained a unique design challenge or need.

The common theme amongst the three commissions was the concept of Making Connections: that their work must facilitate exchange between local communities and international visitors, whether for business or pleasure, with the goal of deepening the appreciation for proximate, regional characteristics. Design Miami/ and W Hotels are very excited for the work that was completed, which will be sent to their respective W Hotel following their exhibition at the 2013 fair.

Each designer also documented their distinct cultural and design experience, and we are proud to present their novel labor and exploits. 

Seung-Yong Song, a Seoul-based artist and designer, was sent to a W Hotel in Bangkok. Click here for more images from Seung-Yong’s trip to Bangkok.

Jon Stam, a Canadian-Dutch designer, was flown to Verbier. Click here for more images from Jon’s trip to Verbier.

The London-based Bethan Laura Wood visited Mexico City to carry out her commission. Click here for more images from Bethan’s trip to Mexico City.

Like previous winners, these young designers have proven their willingness to experiment and innovate in their field, whether it be furniture, lighting, craft, architecture, or digital media.

Rob Goyanes

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