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Apr 22, 2013 3:09PM

Last night, SculptureCenter opened an exhibition entitled “Better Homes,”  which presents work by an exciting roster of artists that offer critical understandings and explorations of the 21st century home, revealing how the private residence and its occupants are undergoing considerable transformation.

Interior design and decoration have long been understood to reflect the residents of their spaces. The pictures that are hung, the types of dishes that are used, the rugs that are laid out – all of these are assumed to say something about the person or people who live in the home. Particularly during the 20th century, while the aesthetics and aspirations of modernity were impacting interior design, the insides of homes were augments of people’s identity, as they reflected the residents’ socioeconomic status, fashion, and gender in specific expressions.

“Better Homes,” which was organized by SculptureCenter’s lead curator Ruba Katrib, will be showing perspectives that seek to more deeply examine the developments in homemaking and interior design that have occurred in the 21st century. Mass marketed objects, decor and tools now define the home – from the kitchen to the foyer to the bedroom – and each of these facets of domesticity are distributed through media and retail experiences. “Better Homes” will explore the social, cultural, and economic pressures (and conduits) that are shaping our private spaces, and therefore, our tastes and decisions.

The acclaimed international selection of artists show an array of works across media, including photography, video, sculpture, and design. The exhibiting artists include Jonathas de AndradeNeïl Beloufa, Tamar Guimarães, Paulina OlowskaGüneş TerkolLaToya Ruby Frazier, Robert Gober, E’wao Kagoshima, Yuki Kimura, KwieKulik, Anthea HamiltonKeith Edmier, Kirsten Pieroth, Josephine Pryde, Carissa Rodriguez and Martha Rosler.

Public Programs

SC Evenings: Better Homes Publication Launch

Wednesday, May 8, 6pm

SC Conversations: Penny SparkeTuesday, July 2, 7pmPenny Sparke is a Professor of Design History and a Pro Vice-Chancellor at Kingston University, London. Her books include The Modern Interior (2008) and Elsie de Wolfe: The Birth of ModernDecoration (2005).

Exhibition Dates: April 22-July 22, 2013

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 21, 5-7pm

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Monday, 11am-6pm

- Rob Goyanes

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