Design Miami/ Basel Welcome Cocktail 2013

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Jun 10, 2013 2:35PM

On Sunday evening, Design Miami/ Basel 2013 celebrated the opening of the fair with clinking glass and electric conversation. The welcome cocktail at the Volkshaus was a vibrant happening, as it hosted a globally-representative crowd of collectors, designers, gallerists, curators, and others.

Even though a cold rain came through halfway – forcing the party out of the courtyard and upstairs – the crowd remained exuberant as they enjoyed Perrier-Jouët's Belle Epoque Rosé and buzzed about the upcoming week. The cocktail gave a good idea of the energy and spirit that’ll be circulating throughout Hall 1 Süd this week.

Some of the esteemed guests included: 

René Kamm and Mark Spiegler/

Patrizia Jousse, Caroline Sarkozy, Jacques Lacoste, and Philippe Jousse/

Simon Haas, Chris Coates, and Nikolai Haas/

Evan Reed, Janett Schickler, Mirta D'argenzio, and Stefanie Reed/

Marc Spiegler, Annette Schönholzer, and Craig Robins/

Liz Wendelbo, Ryan McKenna, and Egan Frantz/

Trey Sarten, Bethan Laura Wood, Paul James, and Anthony Ingham/

Eric Philippe, Sophie Gasquet, Leonore Bancilhon, and Francois Laffanour/

Niccolo Sprovieri and Elisabetta Cipriani/

David Maupin, Mercedes Zobel, and Massimo Redaelli/

Philippe Malouin, Mike Tiedy, and Paul James/

Perrier-Jouët, the exclusive champagne sponsor for Design Miami/ Basel, served their Belle Epoque Rosé champagne.

All photos by Seth Browarnik

Rob Goyanes

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