Equipped for the Future/ Brazil: Old Remnants, Modern Ruins, and Perpetual Renovation

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Aug 30, 2013 4:05PM

This article originally appeared in DAMn Magazine, one of Design Miami/'s media partners:


Leo drives nervously. He drives with one hand, while his other hand holds his phone and, throughout our conversation, schedules the day’s meetings. I should be freaking out at the possibility of a crash in the midst of the hectic São Paulo traffic. Instead, I feel strangely comfortable. As if going back home for the first time in a long period, I recognise the emotional thrill of the improviso.

As Leo juggles possibilities, distributes family errands, invites people for a meal, or suddenly lurches away from a line of cars to show me yet another place he has just remembered, I salute the joyous energy that one tends to leave behind when embracing a more organised, stable world. As he suddenly meanders through the narrow streets of Vila Madalena – a quite central area that, seemingly undisturbed by São Paulo’s massive urban growth, has been chosen by artists, architects, and designers to be their creative epicentre – I tell him I feel quite alive... 

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