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Feb 27, 2013 4:46PM

François Bauchet – cellae

Galerie kreo, January 24th – March 16th 2013/ Paris, France

Galerie kreo presents a collection of nine pieces by French designer François Bauchet titled cellae. Made from a clear-colored felt regularly punctured and soaked in a polymer-tinted resin, cellae is a new line that is marked by repetition. The form presents itself in an identical manner with every piece, changing only the dimensions. Bauchet’s modern approach is evident through each work as angles and positioning are slightly skewed, creating a peculiar energy among the collection.



Galerie BSL, January 30th – March 28th 2013/ Paris, France

This year Galerie BSL is dedicating Transversality to the Middle East with works edited by Beatrice Saint-Laurent alongside pieces by invited designers and producers. The exhibition ‘offers a cross-talk with other players on the design scene, by presenting an exhibition made of multiple voices, but thought as one world.’ It includes presentations by Carwan Gallery of Lebanon with the new Tessera series by designer Marc Broud and Gaia&Gino of Turkey shows luxury vessel collections by David Adjaye.


How do you like me now? 

NextLevel Galerie, February 1st – April 20th 2013/ Paris, France

How do you like me now? at NextLevel Galerie showcases contemporary jewelry by Benjamin Lignel with guest designer Kiko Gianocca. Lignel’s work is a research on our perception of the body and how it has changed and evolved over time. This evolution ultimately results in new practices of body adornment, and here Lignel experiments. He constructed a gold beak to be worn by a pigeon to mock our social superiors and a brooch reproduced from the owner’s ear, among others, for the research.


Andrea Branzi | Trees and Stones

Carpenters Workshop Gallery, February 5th – March 9th 2013/ London, UK

The London outpost of Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents a month-long exhibition of architect and designer Andrea Branzi titled Trees and Stones. The work of Branzi aims to connect the natural world with the material world as various shelving units created to house books and small objects are entwined with the unexpected, such as birch branches and stones. Branzi comments on the collection, explaining, “the collection Trees and Stones consists to place small simple, everyday objects, books and images next to the strange presence of branches and trucks, like in the reality of the world.”


Six months of copying

P!, February 7th – July 2013/ New York, NY, USA

Beginning this February the P! exhibition space transforms into a place of research conducting a 6 month exercise exploring the nature and means of copying. It seeks to answer a complex question: who owns the original vs. who is producing the copy. Context and culture shift the perception of the copied acts from positive to negative as the exhibition looks at everything from transcription vs. plagiarism to remakes vs. knockoffs. P!’s location in Chinatown offers an ironic context to the half-year exercise as it serves a daily trade of counterfeit luxury goods. Expect several months of rotating programs led by names like Rich Brilliant Willing and Xin Wang.


Chinoiseries by Nicolas Cheng

Caroline Van Hoek, February 14th – April 13th 2013/ Brussels, Belgium

Designer Nicolas Cheng encourages people to think and engage in conversations and his latest work at Caroline Van Hoek is no exception. The Chinoiseries consists of a set of vessels with a detachable inner and a darkened stainless steel outer shell. The work offers a commentary on China’s cultural influence soon catching up to its status as an economic superpower. Cheng employs the cloisonné technique for the inner, still widely used today in China, offering a form of cultural expression that may soon dissolve in the name of technology, economic power and progress.


Winter Group Exhibition featuring Tabor and Villalobos

Cristina Grajales Gallery, February 28th – April 26th 2013/ New York, NY, USA

Cristina Grajales Gallery presents a Winter Group Exhibition featuring the work of Tabor and Villalobos. Collectively the duo makes hand-crafted fine jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and cuffs in sterling silver, leather rubber and more peculiar materials such as horse hair and cardboard. The show also includes pieces by Christophe Côme, Sebastian Errazuriz, Hechizoo, Michele Oka Doner, John-Paul Philippe, James Salaiz, Suzanne Tick and Mark Welsh.

-Brandon Grom

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