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Mar 8, 2013 2:56PM

Contemporary Korean Design 2 and Christian Wassmann: 5 Platonic Objects

R 20th Century, March 5th – April 20th 2013/ New York, NY USA

R 20th Century opens two new exhibitions to start the spring season. The group exhibition Contemporary Korean Design 2 includes five of Korea’s top contemporary designers: Hun Chung Lee, Bae Sehwa, Zong Sun Bahk, Myung Sun Kang and Byung Hoon Choi. In their downstairs space, the gallery presents 5 Platonic Objects by New York-based architect and designer Christian Wassmann. It features objects, furnitures and drawings inspired by five unique geometric forms, all derived from Wassmann’s obsession with the beauty found in geometry.


The Small Where

Opus Project Space

March 7th – 20th 2013/ New York, NY USA

Guest-curated by artist and architect Peter MacapiaThe Small Where features a video installation including the works of Ivan Argote, Pauline Bastard, Didier Faustino and 2012 Design Miami/ Designer of the Year Vito Acconci. Macapia asked the group of artists to consider the space between distraction and contemplation. When asked to describe what links, or differentiates, the videos, Macapia says: “Athough taken as unique experiments in nomadism, urban space, spectacle, anti-spectacle, architecture, technology and the internet, the videos in this exhibition also have something important in common: they exchange randomness for calculation and calculation for randomness.”


8 Chairs by Clarke & Reilly

Gallery Libby Sellers, March 14th – April 26th 2013/ London, UK

Creative team Clarke & Reilly invites visitors to follow the travels of eight historical chairs from Peckham to California and back to London again documented through film and photography alongside the actual chairs. Each chair represents a certain character in the artists’ minds and they have been reinvented using period and ancient fabrics. The caravan was installed on the rooftop of a building in Peckham during winter and then transported to the California desert, and now at Gallery Libby Sellers the extreme conditions are visually captured.


Raphaël de Villers

Pierre Marie Giraud, March 21st – April 20th 2013/ Brussels, Belgium

Pierre Marie Giraud opens a new solo show on Raphaël de Villers, an artist that previously worked diligently in drawing and painting. His work transformed after research led him to experiment with material that enabled him to create 3D forms. With clay as a preferred medium, he chose found, casted and misappropriated items to create bonfire-glazed porcelain structures, always in one piece, up to 1 meter in height. The works give a glimpse at his world, both delicate and violent, as hybrid creatures are formed from his process.

-Brandon Grom

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