Jürgen Mayer-Hermann's Favorite Work at Design Miami/ Basel 2013

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Jun 10, 2013 5:15AM

Souvenir of the Last Century, Nucleo, 2012. Wood and epoxy resin, 46 x 205 x 44 cm. Gabrielle Ammann // Gallery

“As a kid, I collected all kinds of things cast in resin. Later, when I studied at the Cooper Union in New York, I cast my architectural models in resin, and now I am truly fascinated to see this conservation and display technique applied to furniture on a larger scale. It´s the real thing, and yet it holds back from us. It is sentimental. It feels as if it’s from a different time, and yet demands state of the art care and extreme technological control in the production process.”

Jürgen Mayer-Hermann/ Architect

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