Stephen Prina at LACMA

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Apr 9, 2013 1:34PM

Stephen Prina: As He Remembered It


April 7th – August 4th 2013/ Los Angeles, CA USA

Stephen Prina was walking down La Brea Avenue in the 1980s when he saw a bright pink fitted unit by architect R.M. Schindler. The desk had been taken out of its original context and was displayed as a freestanding object in the street. Inspired, Prina chose two houses built by Schindler in the early 1940s that had since been demolished, and used surviving plans and photographs to make copies of the unit furniture that Schindler designed to be arranged to follow the lines of the room. Prina did the same with his copies and installed the twenty-eight objects in a grid pattern for LACMA.

- Brandon Grom

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