My Highlights from Gallery Weekend Berlin 2014

Despina Stokou
Apr 29, 2014 10:59AM

My work deals with structures that mediate (and inherently distort) the experience of art and its reception; particularly the gallery system, money, language, gender and the notion of success.  The texts of the paintings come from conversations, memory but also blog posts, press releases, recipes, restaurant menus, online forums.  The personal faces the political, popular narratives on repeat and stereotypes in the extreme.  My exhibition durring Gallery Weekend Berlin, The Royal we at EIGEN + ART deals with the aesthetical and textural difference of a recipe handed down mother to daughter for generations and a online forum discussion about yachts that started and ended in 2004. 

Gareth Moore at Lüttgenmeijer

I have little to base this recommendation on, except pure instinct and the fact that I always like the booth of this gallery in Liste ( in Berlin it is too far away to visit) but googling the artist I found a title of a previous show " rocks on a clock, some photos of ducks, a collection of masks and a post to touch" - there you go!

Florian Meisenberg at Wentrup

I like Florian's work, he works the opposite way I do - in a negative way. It is not what he adds in, but what he leaves out. It is the unpainted part of the canvas that makes the composition. Very impressive. Nice to see the Brooklyn influence in the work too (cats).

Felix Kiessling at alexander levy

I was just in Felix 's studio the other day for a bpigs interview so I have seen what he is working on - and trust me it is worth your while! Felix is part of this younger group of mostly German artists, Julius Von Bismarck, Julian Chiarriere with who they are also part of Das Numen - they offer a very interesting -and very welcome if you ask me- in a way an organic counterpart to the post internet art clones. 

Michael Sailstorfer at Johann König

This is the third big installation @ König's new space in the St. Agnes church. These are also usually the shows people talk about the most, you do not want to miss out.  

Achraf Touloub at Galeria Plan B

This seems to be one of the youngest artists this round, his drawings kind of got to me and Galeria Plan B is a good find as a gallery. 

Liam Gillick at Esther Schipper

Who am I not to highlight Liam Gillick.

Despina Stokou