Detour Gallery - Inside and Out

DETOUR Gallery
Jan 4, 2017 2:51PM

Red Bank New Jersey’s need for fine art has been fulfilled with the opening of Detour Gallery. Owner Kenny Schwartz purchased a bygone industrial warehouse, but with his creative vision and labor of love, the obscure building has been transformed into a captivating space.

Early stage of Detour Gallery construction

 The building was purchased in 2012, one month later, Superstorm Sandy caused destruction along the Jersey shore, Schwartz put his ambitions on hold and offered the space to the American Red Cross to temporarily house supplies. Now a few short years later, Detour Gallery has had two exhibitions under its belt; “Culturedrone” which emphasized a personal introspective of social identity and “The Killer Queen” which was a crusade glittering with feminine empowerment. A complete framing facility, also located in Red Bank NJ, will be opening in 2017; it will offer museum quality framing, installation, and fine art services, by professional framer, Erin Crinigan.

Changing the facede

Business owner and collector of art and rare items for over 40 years, Kenny Schwartz does not wish to exhibit just one type of art, he wants to display a range of art from a range of artists inside the gallery. Schwartz provides a venue for established artists, street artists, and mostly, emerging artists. Schwartz believes that most artists on his roster are “phenomenally talented but also a bit reclusive” or unknown to the art world. The 9,000-square foot gallery is chalk full Schwartz’ vast collection which consists of realistic, abstract, outsider, folk, street art, urban art, pop art, hyper realistic, photography, etc. and all of which are original.

Adding large windows on front and back of Detour Gallery

Through the power of visual art, Detour Gallery is becoming the artistic hub of Red Bank. With interchangeable, larger-then-life murals on three exterior walls, and Sergio Furnari’s sculpture depicting the iconic 1932 photograph “Lunchtime on a Skyscraper” illuminated on the rooftop, those who pass by are enticed to take a detour inside.

- Monica Cioppettini

The final result: Detour Gallery

DETOUR Gallery