Issue 20 Highlight: Dion Agius

Nov 7, 2013 4:16PM

For those of you who don’t know, Dion Agius is legendary. The Australian surfer is known for his aerials and, upon seeing him in action, it’s easy to see why. Sprightly yet lithe, Dion seems to be practically flying when surfing. And yet, it’s the subculture of surfers he helped pioneer that he’s mot famous for. Think artsy surfers, who aren’t deeply embedded in the mainstream. Stylish surfers, who care more about their craft than their own renown. To get a better grasp of this subculture, one need to only watch, Modern Collective, a visionary surfing movie Dion is in, which helped redefine surfing and its stereotypes. Dion also recently started a sunglass company EPOKHE Eyewear with pro surfer Mitch Coleborn and Modern Collective’s producer Kai Neville. Unsurprisingly, the line has already been very well-received.


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