Issue 20 Highlight: Magdalene Lim

Nov 27, 2013 11:18PM

Born and raised in Singapore, 25-year-old Magdalene Lim is now a copywriter for an advertising agency, still living with her sister, parents and grandparents in her hometown. For her spread, Mag and her sister spent a day as tourists in their hometown, visiting Gardens by the Bay—a 2-domed garden that houses plants and flowers form all over the world at a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius—the Super Trees, the Singapore Flyer, and eating overpriced finger food. But perhaps the most honest glimpse into this devout Christian’s life can be seen in that white, colossal apartment building bearing the number 621. They’re called housing Development Boards and are flats where 80 to 90% of Singaporeans live despite the fact that tenants must either be married or over the age of 35. According to Mag, "A common, unromantic way of proposing is to ask your partner if she wants to apply for a HDB flat with you."


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