Cody Hudson

Sep 11, 2014 1:32PM
It’s fun when I work all the time

One year ago in Chicago Cody Hudson showed us around. His city was busy and interesting, but himself even more so. He’s involved. Hudson, who is also known under the moniker Struggle Inc., is an artist and a designer, a restaurateur and a father, a man intrigued by circles and trying to understand the shapes in this world.

At the time and later on during the days spent together at the Future/Memory exhibition in Dresden, it fascinated us completely how one person could partake and succeed with such application in so many projects as he does. But he can. In art, his world revolves in urban modernism: abstract and geometric, color strong and emotionally approachable. And alike his demeanour, the forms at first appear almost straightforward, but each composition is thoughtfully calculated, heartfelt and smart.

Recently we met up with him in France over a couple of days during his participation in the À Cheval exhibitionin Nantes. His work there was with sculptures – his latest creative endeavour. We had him sign his prints and asked him about finding a finishing point, performing a balancing act, and the Chicago lifestyle.

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