Two Artists Forge New Territory With Abstract Painting

Duane Reed Gallery
Mar 8, 2017 5:04PM

The Gallery is excited to present the work of two painters who blur the lines between object and environment while creating tension and expansiveness within a vast repertoire of mark making. Oldfather’s compositions are simultaneously visceral and beautiful, sinewy and organic; while Meyer’s work combines fluidity and structure with loose yet highly technical morphing fields of pattern.

Dana Oldfather
Sweet Cloud, 2016
Duane Reed Gallery

“I propose a multidimensional diagram of anxiety and the desire to overcome it. The paintings allow me to transform my feelings of dread and insecurity into something physical, tangible, and beautiful; a bittersweet beauty that is brightened by the shadow it casts.” - Dana Oldfather

Dana's work spans the spectrum of emotive states while also blending them together in a swirl of textural marks and network of lines.  The surface quality of the paintings create tension and drama, hiding and revealing information between layers.  Her incorporation of a multiplicity of pigments, ranging from aerosols to ink and oil paint, create breathtaking subtleties that allow the viewer to stand entranced as they explore a newly discovered world.

Another truly remarkable element to her work is how successful the execution of her technique is regardless of size, format, or substrate.  12" x 12" or 64" x 64" , horizontal or vertical, each composition is technical and contains a deep richness of mark making.   

Ethan Meyer
Emerging Archetype Structures, 2016
Duane Reed Gallery

Meyer’s work explores the relationship of multiple planes of reality relating to both mind and spirit that visually describe the fluidity of consciousness. The surfaces of his work are covered with densely intricate patterns that map the landscapes of, otherwise difficult to describe, sensations and experiences.  Each work seeks to capture the "Abstract Sublime", and in this pursuit, reveals a different facet of the overarching structure that are the aspects of reality that we know to be true, but find difficult to put into words. 

On view until March 25th 

- Duane Reed Gallery 

Duane Reed Gallery