My Highlights from NADA New York 2014

Dustin Yellin
May 7, 2014 11:13PM

the selection is a cadaver. a pre-selected fractal of digital dust. fingerprints. stains. a mouth full of arctic ice. the glaze on the horizon reverts back to an opening machine. a tiny little pop in the synaptic canal. one two one two one two. an iridescent glow ember. the pathways are long and windy. sometimes you can see as far a the light will travel. others, it’s blackness for 6000 years. Frank o’hara thought you might find both in the Frick.

My Selection: 

Ethan Cook, Untitled, 2014, at American Contemporary

Landscape orientation. This horizon of natural canvas makes me think of a primed sandwich.

Al Freeman, Ledger 1, 2013, at 247365 

accidental geometry of the shipping receipt now a glowing icon object. the trash in the gutter is under 4 inches of water. lunch seven dollars fifty cents. tooth paste and one tampon. pontoon hardware.

Kishio Suga, Space of the Hidden Currents, 2011, at Tomio Koyama Gallery 

It’s a material world, and I’m a material man. Beautiful, stones stuck in woodskin.

Alex Mackin Dolan, tape, 2014, at ltd los angeles 

text and analysis together on one canvas. Little lights in coke cans. Ekphrastic containers.  

Dan Asher, Untitled, 1980s, at MARTOS GALLERY/Shoot the Lobster

inexplicably amazing, how do you frame a pastel? how do you frame Dan Asher? 

David Brooks, Display Copy, 2014, at Petrella’s Imports

Nothing remains, let alone to be said about Ecuador and its dogs. Definitive work on the subject.

Uri Aran, Untitled (WWW), 2012, at SculptureCenter

Put the coconut in a black box. drop to the bottom of sea. wait 2000 years. turn on locator. find. hang on drywall. contemplate. 

Colin Snapp, E. S. Tide, 2014, at The Journal Gallery

the leaves of tide. are fronds of finite little speckled somber doors. The year is.

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Dustin Yellin