Yoël Benharrouche: Black and White Deviation

Eden Fine Art
Jun 22, 2016 1:49PM

 What can an artist of vibrant color express in black and white?

Known for his use of vibrant colors, Yoël Benharrouche has made the bold choice to release a series of twenty new works based on black and white drawings.

Inspired by Kabbalah and mystical Jewish tradition, Benharrouche’s work offers great insight into the kabbalistic connection between feminine and creative energies. This series is a beautiful look at how the female spirit colors our world, demonstrating the artist's admiration for feminine energy and form through works that clearly convey positivity and warmth.

For Benharrouche, everything we do every day embraces the duality of the physical and the spiritual. Whether engaged in the mundane, like riding a bike, or creating something beyond, the spiritual and the physical are equally engaged.

Our bodies are vehicles for our souls. Benharrouche, by highlighting the lightness of the spirit and the weight of the body, draws a beautifully delicate connection between the physical world and its spiritual manifestation.

Exploring the connection between physical and spiritual intimacy, Benharrouche has brought feelings to life with this series—a touching display of sensitivity and humanity.

All works are lacquer prints, in sizes 24x30 cm, 80x100 cm, and 100x120 cm. Pieces are available for purchase to be shipped worldwide. 

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