15 + Maria Cornejo: Celebrating 15 Years with 15 Female Artists

Ever wonder what artists like and love to wear? Well now you can find out, thanks to fashion house Zero + Maria Cornejo’s 15th-anniversary project. Not only is Cornejo a favorite of Michelle Obama and Sofia Coppola—for her chic, minimalist silhouettes and incredibly wearable frocks—but she also has a following within the contemporary art world.
Last week Cornejo launched a new capsule collection to celebrate 15 years in the business, with the help of 15 of her closest friends and clients, leading female figures in music, acting, filmmaking, architecture, and contemporary art. Cornejo asked each of the artists to choose their favorite piece of Zero + Maria Cornejo from their own closets, then rounded up their picks and recreated each one, in updated colors and fabrics. The resulting collection is a mix of elegant dresses and suave jumpsuits with Cornejo’s signature ease of wear. Interested parties can explore the chosen garments and related anecdotes on the brand’s website, which just underwent a sleek redesign that launched with the collection.
We share a few of our favorite anecdotes from contemporary artists chosen for the project.
: “I chose this dress because it was the first Maria dress that I ever bought. I wore it to my survey show at ICA Boston in 2008 where I later learned that Maria had attended the event. Thrilled that she saw my show, I left her a note at the store introducing myself and our friendship of commitment and support grew from that moment on. This piece will always be special to me.”
: “I am choosing this jumpsuit that I borrowed for Armory Week. I worked with pantomime performers in jumpsuits last fall for an exhibition in Moscow, but I thought I could never pull that style off until I saw Maria’s. I am more of a director, yet this jumpsuit made me feel I can be a performer for the night.”
: “I own two versions of this dress, I love it so much. I have so many pieces of Maria’s as they’re always the first thing I think about choosing when I want something very flattering, comfortable and, like so many of Maria’s styles, great for traveling.”
: “I am preparing to go out to a charity event alone. We’re having a bad day, the worst kind. I dress. This dress, which I’ve been longing to wear all spring, but the weather still isn’t right. Too cold. Constant drizzle. He rises from the sofa for a moment and removes a loose string from my shoulder. Somehow, I find this reassuringly tender.”
: “I wore my dress to the Brooklyn Museum gala where I was honored as one of the artists of the year. I was absolutely delighted and comfortable all evening long. Maria is a beautiful, smart, warmhearted designer whose pieces always guarantee a memorable time!”
We offer a look at the artists’ favorite garments with their artworks on Artsy.
Images courtesy of Zero + Maria Cornejo. Portrait of Maria Cornejo by Martien Mulder.