Aaron Sandnes Creates His Own Path

Artsy Editorial
Apr 19, 2013 7:57PM

Artsy: Who tried to talk you out of pursuing a career as an artist, and why did you persevere?

Aaron Sandnes: Thankfully nobody ever tried talking me out of being an artist. I’ve had to create my own path for awhile now and becoming an artist just made sense. I’m sure there have been skeptics along the way and there have been rejections for sure, but if it wasn’t for the help from mentors, friends, and family alike, and my belief that my art is relevant beyond myself, I don’t think I would have kept it up this long.

Artsy: What tools are essential to your practice as an artist (anything from the Internet to paintbrushes to a particular Pandora station to create the perfect atmosphere)?

AS: My motorcycle, coffee, world events, reggae, and natural light.

Artsy: As you know, the Whitney is soon to open a new location, which has been coined the “Whitney of the Future”. What does the future of art look like?

AS: Most likely as complex as it is now but hopefully with increased support for those enthusiastic for slow-burns and long-terms.

Artsy: Who is your dream collector?

AS: Anyone interested in defying/defining history.

Aaron's work is included in the Whitney Art Party Sale.

Artsy Editorial