Ariel Schlesinger Champions Charlie Chaplin

Artsy Editorial
May 8, 2013 8:47PM

Known for his playful and imaginative improvisations with objects, Ariel Schlesinger has recently become enchanted by accidents and disasters—specifically, recalling the misadventures of Charlie Chaplin and a pint-sized accomplice in the 1921 silent film The Kid. In his recent work, Schlesinger uses photography and broken glass to reference the iconic scene, where Chaplin’s window repairman character conspires with a young boy to break nearby windows with stones. Just as Chaplin’s accident is not quite the innocent mishap that the victim perceives, Schlesinger’s broken glass, too, invites a longer stare at the broken panes.

On view at Dvir Gallery, Frieze NY - Booth D16, May 9th – 13th.
Artsy Editorial