Art Stage Singapore: Made in Taiwan

Artsy Editorial
Jan 16, 2014 3:17PM

Well-renowned for advanced technology, the island of Taiwan is finding a new footing in the international art world. Since 1987, when a 40-year rule of martial law was lifted from Taiwan, the Taiwanese contemporary art world has been in a period of evolution as new institutions, galleries, museums, collectors—and artists—have been established.

“Taiwan is known for its advancement in technology, which many artists are relying on,” says Rudy Tsend, an independent curator and collector based in Taipei and the curator of Art Stage Singapore’s platform devoted to art from Taiwan. “The complex colonial background of Taiwan has influenced artists drastically and becomes the major inspiration for their works.” Within the platform, work by four Taiwanese artists is on view—and for each, the advanced technical knowledge afforded by their surroundings has found a voice in their work, particularly in the world of moving images. Through photographs, videos, soundscapes, and the readymade, this section looks to a singular visual aesthetic of Taiwan, dating back to the very first images taken in Taiwan by French photographers in the late Qing dynasty.

Among the works, highlights include a slideshow by Kao Chung-Li, exploring the relationship between history and personal biography; Tu Wei-Cheng’s “Image Treasure Chest Display”, which broadcasts videos of people in modern cities from a historic artifact; Wu Tien-Chang’s elaborately-staged, painterly depictions of sailors and ‘unforgettable lovers’; and last, from Yun Goang-Ming, a pioneer of video art in Taiwan, an image of a rocking horse that is juxtaposed by a wooden rocking horse that is placed directly in front of the screen.

Must-see Taiwanese galleries exhibiting at Art Stage Singapore include: Tina Keng Gallery, Liang Gallery, Lin & Lin Gallery, William Art Salon, PATA Gallery, Chi-Wen Gallery, Project Fulfill Art Space, and Wei-Ling Gallery.

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Artsy Editorial