Art to Complement Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! To celebrate, we put together some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, with complementary artworks to help you make (and keep) your resolutions this year.
1. Drink less, especially if you can relate to Bacchus.
2. Eat healthier: cut out all candy spills.
3. Quit smoking, for your health, and to avoid becoming a character out of a Fernando Botero painting (or sculpture).
4. Find the right career; ’s elephants offer some great suggestions.
5. Get fit, through a new exercise regimen; maybe take up the discus?
6. Get out of debt, and give that credit card a rest; offers a creative alternative use for your plastic.
7. Relieve stress by relaxing, like a little girl in a painting.
8. Take a trip, explore a new city, and remember to take a Diorama Map with you.
9. Make an effort to help others, and remember it is always better to Give and Give and Give than to receive.
10. Go back to school, and aspire to join the illustrious ranks of ’s School of Athens.