Artists in Context at Zona Maco Sur

Artsy Editorial
Jan 31, 2014 2:54PM

Drawing 21 galleries from the far reaches of the Western world, Zona Maco’s prestigious “Sur” section features solo presentations of artists who treat their practice as an opportunity to reflect on community in a global context. Curated this year (in its sixth iteration) by Juan A. Gaitán—the erstwhile curator of this year’s Berlin Biennale—Zona Maco Sur assembles a challenging range of context-conscious artists, with a heavy emphasis on those working in Central and South America.

“Zona Maco Sur this year is focused on the relationship of artists to their own medium, be it sculpture, video, drawing, or any other medium,” Gaitán told us. “Less than a common thematic thread, the idea is to show how in different contexts the medium takes on specific roles that respond to what goes on in the immediate surrounding, the world that is inhabited by the artists in their day-to-day.”

Highlights to look forward to in the section include Michael Linares with ltd los angeles, Santiago Borja with Proyecto Paralelo, Bleda y Rosa with Fucares, Ana Gallardo with Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo, and Ignacio Uriarte with Nogueras Blanchard.

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Artsy Editorial