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Artsy Editorial
Mar 7, 2014 3:30PM

At Artsy, one of our favorite stories is the time, in 1985, that Steve Jobs taught Andy Warhol how to use the first Apple computer. Was it then that art and technology first fell in love? No matter, art and tech have conspired ever since. And this week, we unveil brand new technology, developed by Artsy designers and engineers, to change the way the world experiences art fairs.

At Wednesday’s VIP opening of The Armory Show (for which Artsy returns as the fair’s official online partner) we debuted this new technology, which includes Artsy Columns—freestanding digital screens that map the fair and display up-to-the-minute data about popular artists, galleries, and works—and a personalized mobile iPhone guide (download the app here). If you’re in New York City, be sure to swing by Manhattan’s Pier 92 and 94 (through Sunday, March 9th) to visit the fair and stop by the Artsy booth. We’ll be giving in-person demos of our new technology, as well as special collector services.

So what exactly can you expect?

Improved online fair platform: Explore the fair online, contact galleries with inquiries, and discover contextual information and editorial content. There’s a new scrolling layout and better capabilities for artists and exhibitors.

Digital display screens: Six freestanding Artsy Columns will help you navigate the fair by mapping booths and offering real-time information on trending artists, artworks, and exhibitors.

Personal mobile guide: The Artsy iPhone app—your personal guide to the fair—lets you map your route and pinpoint favorite artists, works, and exhibitors. “Where is Philip-Lorca diCorcia?” you might wonder—and in a quick search, the app will lead you to David Zwirner. It will also offer related works and information, like artist bios and pricing, where available.

What’s popular now: But what is everyone else looking at? The Artsy Columns and iPhone app highlight the fair’s most popular galleries and artists online and on mobile devices at any moment, updated in realtime.

And just like that, the exciting-yet-overwhelming, many-day fête of an art fair has become that much easier to navigate. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and head to the piers.

Images by Carmen Daneshmandi

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Artsy Editorial