Bae Sehwa: Steam-bent Wood Meets Digital Modeling

Artsy Editorial
Jun 5, 2013 3:18PM

There is a fine line between craftwork and technology, and you’ll find Korean designer Bae Sehwa standing squarely in between. Perhaps in the fusion of the two—handcrafted steam bending and digital rendering—lies the secret of the sinuous, wave-like curves we’ve come to love (and love to lie on).

Sehwa digitally renders the structure and shape of his forms, then steams strips of hardwood for several hours until they are soft and malleable, ready to be bent to fit the shape of his mold. It’s a time-honored craft met with the Korean concept of baesanimsu—literally, “the back of the mountain and front of the water”. If you can’t spot the mountain-like silhouette or waving curves in the pictures, you may need a nap—we know just the spot.

At right, catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the midst of  Sehwa’s steam bending process, and catch his work on view at Gallery SEOMI, Design Miami/ Basel 2013 - Design Galleries, Booth G02, June 11th – 16th.  

Images courtesy of Gallery Seomi

Artsy Editorial