Bauhaus Gone Wrong

Sebastian Wrong’s Logger Head, at first glance, is a luminous sphere upon a base of chestnut wood. Although it takes a second glimpse to understand the appropriateness of the title (the glass has been playfully etched with a familiar, Bugs Bunny-like smile), Wrong’s enthusiasm for invading and repurposing tradition is abundant:
“My play on the classic Bauhaus design of an opal glass, spherical lamp is mutated by pop culture reference. I wanted to twist the simple sphere and inflate it with a cheeky grin. Hand blown glass perfection and purity is challenged. The controlled and conditioned process is infected.”
Also check out Wrong’s collaboration with Richard Woods, “Bent Wood Tables,” where he similarly subverts traditional materials. 
Logger Head is included in Dasha Zhukova’s Design Picks, available for direct sale.