Behind the Scenes: C24 Installs at Istanbul

Artsy Editorial
Nov 10, 2013 6:50PM

“Installing at an art fair is always challenging. Space, lighting, temporary walls, and cramped quarters can sometimes interfere with the vision we had of the booth when we conceived of how it would look back in the gallery. In the end, the wonderful on-site art handlers work their magic and everything comes together at the last minute.

Our gallery artist Robert Montgomery’s light poem arrived just in time for the preview. With the help of two art handlers and my curation, we were able to complete our booth so that our artists could be seen in the best possible way.

A gallery needs a strategy for hanging, as the booth is usually not comprised of one type of work and the lighting often needs to be adjusted to match. This year we were able to show many different types of artwork to much good feedback from fair goers. The key is to have patience, a good eye, not to over hang,  and the ability to handle whatever little issue may arise in a calm manner. It doesn’t hurt to have someone that speaks the native language either, or to prepare your fair materials far in advance.”

—Lisa De Simone, Director, C24 Gallery

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Artsy Editorial