Beware of Sharp Objects: Seung Yul Oh’s Inflatable Installation

Every single object is your baby and you work until it is alive to you and it speaks to you.” —
Imagine an inflatable sculpture that packs flat and yet, with a leaf blower and a few minutes, can transform a room into a whimsical wonderland. Maintaining his reputation for playful unconvention, Auckland-based artist does exactly this, breathing life to rooms by filling them with oversized, vibrant balloons that take on the shape of the interior. But beware of sharp objects: as balloons are ephemeral by nature, Oh’s ongoing video project, at right, gives a comical reminder of their often-startling demise.
On view at ONE AND J. Gallery, Art Basel Hong Kong - Encounters, Booth E8, May 23rd – 26th. Additional images courtesy of ONE AND J. Gallery.
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