Carter Cleveland Writes on The Future of Art in the Wall Street Journal

Artsy Editorial
Jul 10, 2014 2:21PM

This week, our founder and CEO Carter Cleveland had the honor to share his view on the future of art in an essay he penned for The Wall Street Journal’s 125th anniversary report, “The Future of Everything.” Carter joined several others who provided predictions for the future of their field—among them, Taylor Swift, who wrote on the future of music; Christopher Nolan, on the future of films; Mark Zuckerberg, on bringing the world online; and Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, on the future of finance.

Carter imagines a future where, ultimately, art will be for everyone. His vision—that, in the future, art will be as ubiquitous and popular a part of culture as music is today—was instrumental to the founding of Artsy, and is key to our ongoing work to build a freely accessible, comprehensive resource for anyone interested in art.

Read the complete article, including Carter’s six predictions for the future of art, here.

Artsy Editorial