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Jan 21, 2014 9:05PM

Lee Wells founded the International Fine Arts Consortium (IFAC) in 1996, as a “Duchampian extension of his art practice.” Wells—a conceptual artist who has exhibited internationally at venues including the Venice Biennale and MoMA PS1—and fellow artist and co-director Gregory de la Haba have developed IFAC Arts into a semi-nomadic project space that takes an avant-garde approach to art and exhibition-making. Through the contributions of an international network of artists, curators, collectors, and arts and tech professionals, IFAC presents an independent, curatorial platform that highlights a lineup of emerging, experimental and underrepresented artists.

Multimedia artist dNASAb is one such artist, who creates enigmatic, technicolor abstractions, on view at an upcoming show at IFAC’s Brooklyn site. Beginning by building sculptures with translucent plastic, metal, mirrors, and glass, dNASAb then illuminates these forms, using LED lights and fiber optics, and photographs them. The resulting photographic prints resemble computer graphics and digitally enhanced imagery, but in fact rely solely on the initial sculptures and traditional photographic processes.

In honor of their new headquarters at coworking space The Yard, IFAC currently shows three solo presentations on New York’s Lower East Side, highlighting artists Colette, Robert Petrick, and Frank Shifreen, all of whom were influential, active members in the New York Art School and downtown conceptual movements in the 1970s and ’80s. “A Homage to Colette the Artist: Justine’s Reverse Pop Series” presents lithographs, videos, and archival materials to honor the Colette, a pioneer in performance art; “Robert Petrick: Gestural Geometry 1983–2013” explores the conceptual painter’s abstract compositions that juxtapose man and nature; and “Frank Shifreen: Meditation: Apollo vs. Dionysus” presents a series of the artist’s abstract paintings that respond to the tension between Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting during the 20th century.

dNASAb : Extreme Feats of the New Aesthetic” is on view at IFAC Arts, 33 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, New York, Jan. 29th—Mar. 31st.

A Homage to Colette the Artist: Justine’s Reverse Pop Series,”Robert Petrick: Gestural Geometry 1983–2013,” and “Frank Shifreen: Meditation: Apollo vs. Dionysus” are on view at IFAC Arts, 85 Delancey St., New York, through Feb. 2nd.

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