Cecile B. Evans: Immaterial Girl

Artsy Editorial
Apr 25, 2013 1:14PM

As an artist, Cecile B. Evans lives somewhere between the physical and digital realms—and as a tenant, she’s local to Berlin, a city she finds welcoming no matter her roots. Evans was raised in Florida, but she’s a self-proclaimed child of a different dimension—the Internet—which she’s quick to mention in regard to her recent video-based works: “The digital realm, and the computer itself, proposes something vital to us—that our selves can exist beyond our physical effects,” she said. “These videos were built like a constellation of memes, each element already existing and carrying different emotional values in contemporary culture.”

Her two recent videos, “I Have Nothing” and “Countdown” begin as covers of viral pop songs that eventually become unrecognizable during editing. The final versions are melancholic and immaterial—much like browsing the net—and exactly as Evans intended.

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Artsy Editorial