Collecting Light

Artsy Editorial
Jan 18, 2013 3:27PM

A collector understands the beauty in the accumulation of something small and seemingly insignificant. A single marble, stamp, or insect might appear lost, but a loved collection, taxonomically classified and arranged, gives each single entity a heightened purpose.

Humans Since 1982's Collection of Light 120 corresponds to the number of LED lights that together constitute a lamp. This collective arrangement honors each individual LED, which is labeled in detail and displayed like the insects of a proud entomologist (the lights are housed in refurbished 70 year-old insect collection drawers from the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm). Whether fine art or hobby, collecting simultaneously values the harmony of many and the significance of one.

This work is included in Dasha Zhukova’s Design Picks, available for direct sale.

Artsy Editorial