Crash Course in Art Vocab II: Circle of, Follower of, and Studio of...

Artsy Editorial
Jan 29, 2013 7:52PM

Auction and museum catalogues often employ particular vocabulary to convey different ideas. For example, what are the distinctions between the circle, the followers, the school, and the studio of an artist? The ‘follower of’ an artist, such as Jan Breughel I, indicates an unknown artist whose work is influenced by a master that preceded him. The ‘circle of’ an artist, such as Lubin Baugin, refers to an artist whose work is related to a master’s, but in whose studio he did not work. The ‘school of’ an artist defines an artist whose work is clearly in the style of a specific master. Finally, only the ‘studio of’ an artist, such as Jacopo Tintoretto, shows that the unknown artist worked in the studio of, or was trained by, that particular master.

Artsy Editorial
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Jenna Gribbon, Luncheon on the grass, a recurring dream, 2020. Jenna Gribbon, April studio, parting glance, 2021. Jenna Gribbon, Silver Tongue, 2019