Dannijo Finds Inspiration in Neil Leifer’s Sports Photography

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Feb 4, 2014 1:42AM

Danielle and Jodie Snyder, the sisters behind the impeccable, on-trend jewelry brand Dannijo, have built their brand through avoiding traditional marketing and promotion strategies, and instead focusing on storytelling. They share their daily lives through social media, where their product is a constant presence, manifested best in their perfectly curated Instagram feed—an artful melange of selfies, famous friends, foodie pics, travels, and their designs, matched with clever hashtags.

Art Basel in Miami Beach is very much Dannijo’s scene, given the event’s increasing focus on celebrity and fashion, and the girls’ love for art. Last December, while #BaselingHard they took in the fairs; Instagrams included Robert Indiana sculptures, a Cameron Gray video installation, and even one of their necklaces draped in front of a work by Umberto Ciceri.

When asked about a particular artist that influences their designs, Danielle recently told Artsy…

Neil Leifer is one of our all time favorite photographers and his work has been a huge source of inspiration for our upcoming collection. His ability to transcend time and evoke emotion makes him the ultimate storyteller.

A legend of sports photography, Leifer’s 50-year career led him to capture 16 Olympic Games, 15 Kentucky Derbies, and too many World Series to count, as well as over 60 occasions to shoot his favorite subject, Muhammad Ali. Over the years his pictures led him to LIFE Magazine, Time, and Sports Illustrated, where his images became icons. Kindred spirits in their love for storytelling and their ability to capture the zeitgeist, Dannijo and Leifer are an unexpected, yet refreshing pair, and we can’t wait to see the new collection that Leifer’s visual narratives have inspired.

Neil Leifer,  President JFK and Vice President LBJ at Baseball Opener, 1961. Courtesy Neil Leifer for Sports Illustrated.

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