David Kordansky Proves Artists Make Great Gallerists

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Jan 22, 2014 10:48PM

David Kordansky pinpoints his formative years to his time as a student at CalArts. As he explains, “During those years I met many of the artists who would become foundational to the gallery.” For example, Kordansky was a teaching assistant for William E. Jones, an artist he now represents at his eponymous Los Angeles gallery. Kordansky values his years as an artist, and considers them “crucial” to his career as a gallerist because, in his words, “it taught me that care for the art and the artists always must come first.”

In order to maintain an “ambitious and heterogeneous” program, Kordansky seeks out dynamic artists who express multiple viewpoints, and conceptions of what art can be. He notes that his artists take on “a broad range of positions that are in dialogue with each other. In some cases they should even contradict each other.”

At Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Kordansky presents a solo show of primarily ceramic, figurative works by L.A.-based artist Ruby Neri. Drawn to her expressive nature, he describes her work as “indicative of a great sense of humor, but they’re also the products of a very serious and long-standing commitment to the human figure and intensely modeled forms.” In her work Boy, Neri’s dynamic use of multiple processes and materials are evident, as well as her unique use of glaze and color, that manages to respond to representational forms in a free, abstracted manner. “Ruby’s practice favors immediacy and the intensity of the present moment, but you can read an object like this in terms of several strains of art history, even ancient ones, from across the globe,” Kordansky says.

As he moves his gallery to a new, 15,000 square-foot space later this year, Kordansky admits the city has great art to see, but a visitor to L.A. should take time out for a hike or a day at the beach: “Access to the outdoors, to all that light, is a big part of what makes Los Angeles such a great place to look at things.”

David Kordansky Gallery, Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2014, Section LA, Jan. 30th – Feb. 2nd.

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