Five Galleries to Follow, With or Without a Valentine

Follow these five galleries from London, Sydney, and New York, ranging in offerings from Modern photography to Aboriginal art to cutting-edge contemporary works.
Hamiltons Gallery: Established in 1977, Hamiltons is a champion of Modern and contemporary photography, representing masters like , , , and , among many others. While the gallery is under renovation, they offer a full lineup of exclusive online exhibitions; now on view is “Tomio Seike: Works from ‘Nude Untitled’ and ‘Waterscapes’.” Juxtaposing two thematically divergent series, the exhibition conveys Seike’s masterful ability to capture moments of silence in meditative and mysterious photographs.
Carroll / Fletcher: Central London’s Carroll / Fletcher represents a lineup of emerging and established artists working in a range of media, and dealing with contemporary issues related to politics, culture, and technology. Currently on view through February 21 is “Now Showing: A Group Show of Artists’ Films” featuring compelling works including ’s Tales of Us and ’s Anhedonia. The gallery has recently taken on , and in April, look out for a show of works by .
Wentworth Galleries: Sydney’s Wentworth Galleries has been operating for almost 20 years, offering a dynamic range of  Australian and artists. From its two venues, the gallery shows some top names in Aboriginal art including , , and . Recently the gallery showed the works of in “Waterlilies and Wattles,” a selection of richly symbolic paintings of people frolicking in pools of waterlilies and amongst the nation’s floral emblem, the wattle.
Kraushaar Galleries: Established in 1885 by Charles W. Kraushaar, Kraushaar Galleries has a rich history as early proponents of American artists including and his circle, “The Eight.” At present the gallery, now located on New York’s Upper East Side, maintains expertise in early Modern art, while representing the works of and . Look out for Kraushaar next month at the Park Avenue Armory as they show at the 26th edition of The Art Show presented by the Art Dealers Association of America
(Art) Amalgamated: New York project space (Art) Amalgamated offers exhibitions featuring an international lineup of artists working in a variety of media, who are engaged in current discourses of contemporary art. Artists are encouraged to experiment across disciplines and with new materials and methods. This weekend they travel to Miami for Art Wynwood (Booth C17), where they will show works by , , and , among others.