Five (More) Galleries to Follow on Artsy

Artsy Editorial
Aug 9, 2013 2:47PM

Here’s to Friday and a weekend (hopefully) spent among beautiful art. Enjoy these five galleries with excellent past, current, and upcoming exhibitions to get you started.

1. Yancey Richardson Gallery

Founded in 1995, the Yancey Richardson Gallery is one of the preeminent dealers of fine art photography in the country. Draw your gaze toward the gallery’s current exhibition, “Desire,” which is on view in New York through August 23rd and explores themes ranging from sex to death from a group of women artists—like Nan Goldin, Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois & Tracey Emin, and Cindy Sherman—who examine desire through the female gaze.

2. Jonathan Levine Gallery

Jonathan Levine Gallery is committed to new and cutting edge art, with an eye towards honoring and connecting with the history and context of Post War art. Remember the gallery’s solo exhibition of paintings by Melbourne-based artist Jeremy Geddes last fall? If you missed “Exhale,” browse the past exhibition on Artsy to find Geddes’ meticulously detailed figures, suspended in desolate urban landscapes or isolated against solid black planes.

3. Metro Pictures

Founded in 1980, Metro Pictures represents international contemporary artists, including Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, Louise Lawler, and more. View their past exhibition, “Sara VanDerBeek,” which presents photographs and sculptures created after the artist travelled to Paris, Rome, and Naples while exploring archeological sites and museum collections—ultimately becoming inspired by ancient female figures.

4. Paradise Row

Paradise Row was founded in London in October 2006 and exhibits and supports the work of a group of closely aligned, London and internationally based artists. Through September 11th, visit the gallery to view “The Instability of the Image,” a group show reflecting on the idea of representation in contemporary art practices (but enjoy the exhibition on Artsy, year round).

5. John Berggruen Gallery

John Berggruen Gallery is a San Francisco art gallery featuring 20th century modern and contemporary art. Revisit their exhibition, “New Paintings,” by California-based artist Bruce Cohen, known for his distinctive geometric interiors combining Dutch still-life paintings with Surrealism.

Artsy Editorial