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Dec 20, 2012 6:22PM What artist, artwork(s), or art-related project epitomizes 2012 for you, and why?

Bill Powers: For this time of year, I'd pick a Dan Colen confetti painting...moments like these never last. His words. And, I guess, mine. I will always associate 2012 with Richard PhillipsFirst Point painting. My wife made the wetsuit Lindsay Lohan wears in that picture. And did you see his Gagosian show on the Artforum best of 2012 list? WOW! What work from’s Art of Gifting collection would you most like to give?

BP: It's interesting to see Ed Ruscha create a palindrome photograph echoing one of his better known mountaintop landscape paintings. In an ideal world, what other artworks would you like under your tree? 

BP: I recently discovered this art cash Andy Warhol made in 1971. You can buy them (for now) on my website at for $300 a bill. Are there artist(s) you will be watching in 2013? If so, whom?

BP: Lucien Smith, Nick Darmstaedter, Sam Falls, Sebastian Black, Louis Eisner. Can you share with us your favorite holiday film or production? 

BP: It's a tie between Bad Santa and Trading Places

About Bill Powers: My novella, What We Lose in Flowers, was published by Karma in March with cover art by Richard Prince. My next book is a collection of artist interviews published by Gagosian next month with cover art by Adam McEwen. I also own half gallery in New York. I've written about contemporary art and culture for The New York Times off-and-on since the late 1990s. I co-founded ExhibitionA in 2010. We make limited edition prints with an amazing array of contemporary artists. 

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